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Arthur Briggs obtained his abilities in the Army, suspected with a vaccine administered by Dr. Bree. The technology of the vaccine is thought by Eleo Nova to come from the Webb Corporation and Dr. Anthony Kalfu

Strength not fully tested, Visions not controlled, and only happens when he touches the flesh of another human. It has yet to be tested if it works when he touches the dead. Ace has speed and motor skills equal to that of a jaguar. 

Ace has a fast healing ability and is very durable but not bulletproof. 


Ace had thought that his extra abilities, being able to think fast and very fast was the only thing he needed but school had done something else and given him something else at an early stage of his training that made him stand out from everyone else. His strength and physical swiftness had come from some shots he received when he became a detective in training.

He was faster than all of his counterparts, ran faster than them, stronger than them in terms of physical training and anything else they were asked to do. The soldiers in charge had a lot to do when it came to convincing Ace to speak up if he was feeling something different to what he was supposed to feel but Ace kept it all to himself.

Although, no one could exactly tell if the detective school was in any way affiliated to Kalfu but if powers like that were gotten and secretly given to someone, it meant that someone was in charge of it and only Kalfu was able to give such great powers.

Arthur had met Marie Laveau only a few days after leaving detective school. Marie was the opposite of Kalfu. Kalfu gave powers for evil and did not think twice about it but Marie Laveau was known as the voodoo queen of New Orleans. Many did not know her but those who knew her knew she was quite strong.

She could take away the powers that Kalfu gave. She was the only one of her kind and the one that those who knew feared above Kalfu. Even Kalfu could barely stand close to her. No one dared contend with Kalfu but Marie was the only one who came close to doing so.

Ace found Marie only a while after leaving detective school to become a private investigator. It only took a while for him to become what he would classify as her bounty hunter to find and capture the villains that Kalfu had empowered so she could take away the powers that Kalfu had given them.

One of them was Nash and it was the main reason Ace had attacked him that night. With the help of Eleo’s technology and Xavier’s Intel, it was easy for both Marie to take away the powers and for Ace to find those he needed to find.

Arthur Briggs History

Arthur as a baby, was found by Father Turner secret member of the Xavier Society. He grew up as an orphan. At age 12 Father Turner put him in a Catholic Boarding school so he could keep a closer eye on Arthur. 

Ace is hunting down Nash for murdering a personal informant that had history with Ace and Father Turner. 

Arthur Ace Briggs was only a young orphan that has been found by Father Turner and although he had been a stubborn child right from when he was young and escaped from house to house after making sure no one wanted him, Father Turner had accepted to train him with his own abilities and by himself.

Father Turner was very patient and the absence of his parents had made Arthur go into investigation totally. Through Father Turner, he learnt about the Xavier community and the hidden truths behind many things that only appeared as plain sights to many people. Ace had grown to be sensitive, discerning and quick to decision making because of how fast he grew up, faster than his age.

Father Turner had always been scared about how he was going to turn out and was skeptical about him going to the school he went to become a detective. He had hoped Arthur would be more interested in the usual lifestyle of the boys that had passed through him, become a medical doctor or teacher or even train to work in the orphanage he came from but Ace had beaten all of that odds and became something else, first of its kind.

“Okay. That’s just him.” Father Turner had to accept eventually though he desperately did not want to.

Everyone hoped he was going to have a good life, including Father Turner. A good life? Arthur could also argue he was far from that from the onset in his life but he could boldly tell himself that it was not a bad life and it was in fact a life that he felt fulfilled in, to an extent. Anything that was going to take his life away from him was going to be something he could not run from, someone or something like Kalfu or his powers.

Kalfu, as much as Ace feared no one, was the one Ace thought about the most and the one that made him fear about his future.

 Kalfu, the name gave him chills all over.


Ace cares but maybe only for Father Turner and this act of not listening when he should have been the reason he was going to probably experience death when he eventually found Kalfu. Ace escaped death but could not escape the eyes of Kalfu who knew who he was and had mastered his face on the very day that one of the most popular police officers in New Orleans was receiving powers not to die anymore and to remain immortal.

Ace faced death and the question was whether he was going to escape it or not and if Marie would be able to save him from the hands of Kalfu?

Father Turner could not do anything to help and Ace, being as stubborn as he always is, only had death as what could be his final option.

Growing up for Ace and the environment he grew up in had only strengthened his stubbornness, worse than it was supposed to be. No one could take the stubbornness from him and it led him through a series of events that marked the end for him.

Arthur “Ace” Briggs

First appearance

5’11” African American male athletic but dresses suffocated.  

Created by

J.A. Becalli

Designed by


Voiced by

Not yet


In-Universe Information
Full Name

Arthur Briggs but his real middle name is unknown. 


Detective, Vigilante crime fighter and Art Dealer.


Parent’s unknown but was raised by Father Turner. 


New Orleans, Louisiana

List of Associates

Father Turner, Chase Breaux, Lexi Page assistant to Eleo Nova, Marie Laveau


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